Strategy Driven Digital Marketing

One of the biggest complaints we hear from new customers is “my existing website doesn’t do anything”. Today, every website must have some level of search engine optimisation (SEO) in order to be competitive. The alternative is to let Google decide who your clients are. Or worse, you could risk not being found at all. SEO is a process not a service.. We offer website audits, internal link analysis, competitive analysis, keyword research and consulting. When it’s all said and done you’ll find that our Organic SEO Services will pay for themselves over and over again. Every website is different so we create custom SEO campaigns that are tailored to your specific needs.

Why choose Digital Media HQ to drive your digital marketing?

  • 01.

    We will research any existing online marketing that your business has used in the past whether they where a success or failure. Keyword analysis and phrases are researched and we target the best locations for your ideal customers.

  • 02.

    Only when we thoroughly understand your business and your ideal customers will we then start putting together an online strategy. This may involve writing content, creating downloadable publications or creating social campaigns.

  • 03.

    Analysis is critically important towards the success of digital marketing. We will analyse the data and adjust the content, keywords and campaigns so that only the most productive leads will be used.

  • 04.

    Digital marketing is about finding what works and continually improving the quality of the leads that come through the website or landing pages. By formulating a plan of action from the start content, keywords and campaigns can be successfully delivered over time.

  • Strategy

    We brainstorm with you 1-1 how to differentiate your business, appeal to your target market and beat your competition online.

  • Traffic

    We build systems that drive potential customers to your site day after day. From SEO to Google Adwords, we will get you traffic.

  • Conversion

    We create a compelling website and email marketing program that builds trust in visitors and persuades them to contact you.

Just some of the Companies in the North West that trust Digital Media HQ.

Network Rail
Nov Mono Pumps
Sellafield Ltd
BAE Systems

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