augmented reality and marketing

4 Advantages of Augmented Reality in Marketing

Within the next few years consumers will see an increase in AR marketing methods. There have already been successful campaigns within consumer products and also business markets. Is AR here to stay? With the huge sums of money currently being invested by Apple, Google and Microsoft it looks like it will be around for some time.
To give you a quick breakdown of just some of the main advantages for B2C and B2B marketing methods for AR, here are the top 4 advantages of using augmented reality:

1. Transforming traditional printed material
As mobile devices now out number the population of the world, according to data from digital analysts at GSMA Intelligence. It is now incredibly easy to download an app, scan a branded product or marketing literature and have an immediate link to a website. This can be achieved by viewing a 3D photorealistic animated model, playing a video or opening a web page. The whole process provides the potential customer with more:

  • Visual information
  • Can answer any objections/questions they might have had
  • Forms better relations with the products
  • Gives them a direct link to make a purchase

2. Virtual overlay of a physical environment
You may have already seen examples of AR on the TV. It has been used recently to show how a building development or interior design would look, on programs such as Double Your House for Half the Money presented by Sarah Beeny.

By placing an image on the ground or wall a scan can be taken from a mobile device such as a tablet and a virtual digital overlay is then made through the mobile device of the real world environment. The advantages are that property developers can showcase properties and rooms before completion. Architects can show customers a clearer view of their drawings. Interior designers can present their designs clearer.

3. AR Games
The development of AR games is growing rapidly. As the advances in AR and technology increase, consumers will find that general products will be able to be transformed into AR games. A Coca Cola bottle or a Ketchup bottle could be scanned by a mobile device and transformed into a race track on a table. This could lead to further marketing and advertising within the game. The result would open up all kinds of marketing opportunities for the future.

4. The Wow Factor
As AR is so new and many people have never even heard of it or experienced it, there is still the opportunity to literally wow consumers or businesses with this new innovation. By delivering this new technology to them first you will immediately gain their respect as an innovative forward thinking, ahead of the game business. If you haven’t started using AR then your competition will be soon.

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