Sales Generating 3D Visualisations

Whatever you are selling, you need a good marketing strategy to effectively promote your products to your target buyers. You must have effective marketing tools and plans so you can present and promote the products/developments you are selling to your prospective consumers. Digital Media HQ can present your ideas and plans in a more realistic and impressive way. 2D images and simple sketches may still work but in this highly competitive market, you need to have an edge against other competitors. The return on investment for 3D modelling is excellent. From just one 3D model we are able to produce 2D images for print and web, animations for videos, augmented reality, 3D printing and interactive presentation.

Why choose Digital Media HQ to produce your 3D models and animations?

  • 01.

    As all marketers know, communication is an extremely important aspect of marketing. We’ll collate all the information you have and advise on the most effective method of visualisation for your project.

  • 02.

    Only when we understand what you want to achieve will we plan the 3D modelling with your ideal client in mind. This can take the form of photo-realistic visualisations, animations, augmented reality and interactive presentations.

  • 03.

    If you have a complex product and want to clearly educate potential customers, we can break the product down into it’s key unique selling points or operational procedures. This can be used in sales, marketing, training and support.

  • 04.

    3D visualisations are an extremely cost effective proposition. From the initial outlay of a 3D model, multiple uses can be made throughout a variety of marketing platforms.

  • Help in Design Process

    Products and developments can be rapidly viewed and animated as if fully completed, giving you the ability to make rapid decisions on the direction you want to take.

  • Help in Sales Process

    Generate orders and interest even before your product or development has been fully completed.

  • Help in Marketing

    All-important buying decisions require a good understanding of the product. So it’s crucial that you arm your customer with information that’s easily understood.

Just some of the Companies in the North West that trust Digital Media HQ.

Network Rail
Nov Mono Pumps
Sellafield Ltd
BAE Systems

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